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"It’s much easier to master either app than Acrobat, and Smile has retained a consistent but routinely improved interface for the software over years, unlike Adobe’s giant shifts in approach for Acrobat that leaves long-time users like me reeling. Powerful OCR works even with rough original, like this example from 1917. You can easily fix failed recognition, too. The macOS software is both exhaustively featured and generally intuitive. Both editions can create and edit the contents of PDFs, allow drawing and adding text on top of files, and include excellent optical character recognition (OCR) software. The Pro flavor is also a superb way to design forms, retrofit existing documents to contain form fields, and to fill out forms. There’s a slight awkwardness in picking, setting values for, and switching among the app’s several tools, but it’s minor compared to its utility and ease of use once you’re using a tool.

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Parallels Desktop 12 onlineBridge. This program makes it possible to run 32-bit VST plug-ins in a 64-bit host. However, -bit Audio Units plug-ins are not compatible. If you’ve ever tried to remove an unanticipated sound from an otherwise clean track, you’ll be very happy with the new Sound Remover tool. When a phone rings unexpectedly or a siren sounds in the distance while you’re recording a podcast, you’ll find it quite useful. Audition has long included tools for removing constant noise—such as an air conditioner or a hum in the audio line—but notching out these unpredictable noises is a much tougher task. That’s where the Sound Remover tool comes in. To use it, switch on the spectral frequency display, zoom in on the waveform, and look for your unwelcome sound. If it has a predictable wave like a siren, it’s pretty easy to spot. In the opening plenary session, Lin revealed that a few years ago he had been part of a study of patent quality in China which found that since 2008 there had been a notable improvement. That is still relatively recent, but as the quality improves it has significant implications. As Lin pointed out, it means that better quality patents will end up being asserted and ultimately litigated, something that will lead to the development of better case law. Over to Europe - President-elect Trump has made it very clear that one of his priorities is to make life a lot tougher for Chinese companies seeking to do business in the US. There is much talk of tariffs, taxes and restrictions.

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