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DMV Administrative License Suspension Hearings for DUI in Nevada

If you are involved in a DUI in Nevada, you can find immediately several important steps you will have to always remember and follow-through with. One of the most urgent of these kinds of proceedings is the DMV DUI administrative license suspension (ALS) hearing request, when you have only 7 days after the arrest to submit your captivate the DMV. Although this is not an important part of your criminal DUI process in Nevada, it truly is nevertheless a significant part of protecting your driving privilege.


In the event you forget to submit a request for the Nevada Things to do in dmv area to get a hearing, the resulting suspensions will probably be automatic. These suspensions vary in size in line with the offense and include:

First DUI - 90-day driver's license suspension, restricted license can be available after 45 days

Second DUI (within 7 years) - One-year driver's license suspension

Third DUI (within 7 years) - Three-year driver's license suspension

Any criminal penalties imposed via the Nevada justice system will be in addition to these suspensions, that happen to be via the Nevada DMV and purely administrative. The goal of the administrative suspension will not be to punish the defendant, but to shield the general public from dangerous and irresponsible drivers. You can find therefore no disadvantage to requesting the hearing - when your suspension is sustained it doesn't necessarily mean "guilty as charged" on your criminal case. It might, in reality, highlight or disqualify specific defense strategies for your criminal case.

As soon as your Nevada DUI defense attorney has requested your DMV DUI ALS hearing and it is scheduled, it will probably be held at the Nevada DMV's Office of Administrative Hearings in your area. For your Vegas-area DUI, you might report for the Office of Administrative Hearings on Sahara Avenue. The hearing operates on a single basics just like any other Nevada court, except the responsibility of proof for not guilty is for the licensee and never a legal court. Listed below are reviewed in this particular DUI ALS hearing:

If the licensee neglected to submit to some chemical test;

If the licensee's blood or breath alcohol content exceeded the legal limit of.08 before the test; and

If the arresting officer to the DUI had reasonable grounds to order an evidentiary BAC test.

Your Vegas DUI defense lawyer will require this opportunity to reason that evidence against you will not be sufficient, there are no reasonable grounds, and this your rights were violated. She or he will probably be allowed to cross-examine the witness against you, which can be typically the arresting officer. After the hearing is completed, your DUI license suspension in Nevada will be either revoked or upheld. When you are unsatisfied using the results, in special circumstances both you and your Nevada driving while intoxicated lawyer can appeal the decision to the district court.